Sponsored run for Dan o’ Regan

I have organized a sponsored run for my friend Dan, because I’m showing my support by doing this and help raise some money to help him. This money will help support him while he is in hospital and if he ever needs support in the future with any on-going treatment or to help with his education (university, college and school).

I  started the run at 11:30 in the rain as I left Leamington Spa train station heading towards Warwick. I ran past the schools and st Nicholas Park, the ground was uneven from tree roots pushing up through the path, the sun came out as I ran over the bridge I saw Warwick castle on the left, I knew then I was half way to the end.

There were lots of people out shopping in Warwick town centre so I made my way along the side road for a clear run towards the finish line.

I completed the run in 1  hour and 15 minutes.

There are many friends and family that are supporting Dan and have helped me organize this event and would appreciate further help from other individuals. You can either get involved with the run or just make a donation.

This has been created by Adam Marshall in his spare time at the weekends and in the week and he has appreciate all the help from everyone